You don’t have to go to medical school to play this game but you will need a steady hand and be able to work under pressure. Sawbones is the very latest giant operation game built on a giant scale operating table.

The aim of Saw Bones is to remove all body parts within 60 seconds using the giant tweezers. If you touch the sides of the body cavity when removing the body part then the patient will shout out his discontent!  Saw Bones has a giant timer and realistic heart monitor bleeps to add to the tension.

This is perfect for any occasion including  corporate events, product launches, exhibitions and team building events.  

Due to the nature of this game, your operating theatre must be indoors or under a suitable marquee or shelter. We can supply this at an extra cost if required. Access to a 13 amp electrical supply is needed however we can also hire generator power if required.

We are able to hire Sawbones through the UK and Wales however our local delivery areas include Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Birmingham and The Midlands. 

Please feel free to contact the office by email or phone if you would like more details about this item.